Kindness Crew

The Kindness Crew is a committee of LP4PS Members who plan, organize and execute acts of kindness and appreciation for the staff of the Liberty School District.  To join this committee, REGISTER HERE!  A list of previous Kindness Projects can be found below.  For questions about the Crew or if you want to donate, please email us at  Join us in supporting those who support our children!

Previous Kindness Projects:

September 2022: To kick off the 2022-2023 school year we collected donations to make 19 appreciation boxes of classroom supplies for the entire teaching staff and front office of the Early Education Center!  Thank you to all of our generous members who donated items to help celebrate the teachers of the ECC!

May 2022: On Wednesday May 11th, volunteers delivered appreciation boxes for the custodial staff throughout LPS!  115 custodians district wide received a box of snacks and thank you notes for all they do for our students!

Thank you to the many volunteers who donated snacks, boxes, stickers, helped to fill the boxes and deliver them to the schools!

April 2022: We held our first social event for our LP4PS members at Yogurtini!  Over 40 members dropped by to deliver their donations for the May kindness project and grab some dessert while chatting with others!  We look forward to planning more social events over the summer!  Stay tuned for more information!

March 2022:  Due to overwhelming success of our Kindness Projects over the past school year, we are announcing one of our newest LP4PS committees! THE LP4PS KINDNESS CREW.

This committee will brainstorm kindness projects for the school year and work together to make each project a reality!  This is a great opportunity to meet other district parents and community members who want to show their gratitude and appreciation for everyone in the Liberty School District.  


February 2022: Our “Spread the Love” campaign.  We asked LPS parents to print off the below printable and have their student(s) color on, write a message or use your creativity to decorate the hearts with festive appreciation to share with those who matter most to them at school.  

Feb Printable jpeg

January 2022:  Ways to support your teacher.  LP4PS members were challenged to choose a way to support their teacher from a fast facts list of easy and thoughtful ways to show support.

December 2021: Holiday cheer note campaign.  Page members were challenged to send five notes of appreciation and gratitude to any staff members.

November 2021: Note writing campaign to school librarians along with a Wordle art project made up of words students use to describe their librarians.  A copy of the final project (below) was delivered to every school library in the district.


October 2021: A note writing campaign showing our support and gratitude for our cafeteria and nutritional services staff throughout the district.

September 2021: We collected 863 online signatures on a petition showing support and appreciation for the school districts mask mandate.